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What is Digital Phone Service

Digital Phone Service is a great way to make and receive phone calls using your broadband Internet connection instead of your standard phone line. DH Phone converts your phone calls into data that zips through your high-speed Internet connection just like email. It comes out the other end just like a regular phone call. Your callers will never know that it’s any different since it sounds just like a regular phone call.

Does your phone service work the same as my regular phone service

Once you’re connected, pick up your phone and use it just like you do today. The person you’re calling doesn’t need to have digital phone service or even an Internet connection. They only need a phone. And our phone rings when someone calls you as it always did. You use your same touch-tone phone. You’re just connecting to our network instead of your old phone company. Also, you can continue to surf the web or send and receive email with no problem.

What is DH Phone

DH Phone uses your existing broadband Internet connection to deliver full featured, low-cost dial-tone service.

DH Phone works the same as any standard telephone. You pick up the phone; listen for dial-tone, then dial the number of your choice. When you get an incoming call, the phone rings and you answer it. It’s that simple!

Self-installation is easy and usually takes less than 5 minutes. With DH Phone, you can still surf the net and talk on the phone at the same time.

Moving? Off to college? On vacation? On a business trip? With DH Phone, you can take your phone service and number with you anywhere in the world!

DH Phone Benefits:

  • Significant savings over traditional telephone service.
  • Works with virtually any high speed Internet connection.
  • Transfer your current phone number or get a new one with the area code of your choice.
  • Phone number & service that ravels with your anywhere in the world.
  • All the calling features you are used-to plus more.
  • Real-time, online account management.
  • Easy self-installation.
  • Talk and still surf the net at the same time.
  • Digital line clarity & reliability.
  • Talk through your PC or use your existing home telephones.
  • Free world-wide, unlimited calling between DH Phone subscribers.
  • Great international long distance rates.
How does Digital Phone Service work

You connect your telephone to your high-speed Internet connection using a telephone adapter. After setup, simply pick up the phone and use it just like you do today. You can be up and running within minutes with a telephone adapter.

What is Broadband

Broadband is high-speed Internet access such as through a Cable or DSL modem. It gives you a continuous connection to the Internet at speeds much faster that dial-up. You need a broadband connection to use DH Phone because we insist on consistent high quality for all your calls. As a general rule, if you’re getting 90 kbps or better, you probably have a broadband connection.

  • Cable Internet: Cable Internet uses a Cable modem and connects through your existing Cable TV line. Typically your Cable TV Company would provide your Cable Internet service. This service does not interfere with your TV connection. This cable modem lets your computer and any other equipment connect to the Internet faster than a dial-up modem. A typical Cable connection might have 128 Kbps of upload and 1.5 Mbps of download speeds. Your speeds can vary depending on what your Cable provider offers, and how many other people in your area are using the same service.
  • DSL Service: DSL Internet uses a DSL modem and connects through your standard phone line at speeds much faster that dial-up. Typically your local phone company would provide your DSL Internet connection. A DSL connection does not interfere with your telephone as dial-up does and does not generally require any additional wiring. A typical DSL Internet connection might have 128 Kbps of upload and 1.5 Mbps of download speeds. Your speeds will be higher or lower depending on how close you are to the Internet Provider's office.
How much can I save

Our subscribers regularly see huge savings, often more than 50% over their current monthly phone bill. DH Phone is able to bring you these awesome savings via the power of the Internet and advancements in patented hardware and software technologies.

What equipment, special phones, or connector cables do I need

Again, we keep it all very simple for you…

DH Phone is available over DSL, Cable, and Wireless Internet connections – And may be used on any computer with a high speed Internet connection, anywhere in the World.

It’s also important to note that you can use your existing home or office phone via our Mediatrix 128 analog telephone adapter (the box that connects your phone to the Internet).

Connection and sound quality – Is it the same as my current phone company

Digital Phone Service has extraordinary sound quality.

Is Digital Phone Service similar to "cell/mobile phone" service

DH Phone is just that, Digital Phone Service and is in a different class of calling than your cell/mobile phone.

DH Phone is the perfect compliment to your cell/mobile phone because the service is so inexpensive, and Member-to-Member is free. Why not talk free to your parents, friends on the other side of the world, or business associates in a different State all for free and save those expensive cell/mobile minutes and overcharges for when you are, well, mobile.

Does my computer have to be on to talk

No, unless you are using one of our optional Soft Phones that runs on your computer

What types of telephones work with your service

IP Phones – If you set up your service using an IP Phone, they are all plug-and-play.

Existing phones – We haven’t found a phone yet that doesn’t work with telephone adapters (the box that connects your phone to the Internet) – Cordless phone, phones with cords, old phones, new phones, house phones, office phones, they all work with our telephone adapters.

How will I be billed for services

Billing Management - Your credit card will be billed monthly on the anniversary date of the date your service begins.

We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Can I change my service plan at any time

You can change your rate plan, with no penalty fees, at any time. You can log into your account and click on the ‘Change Service’ tab and simply follow the directions from there. Or you can shoot us an email at with your service plan request and it will be taken care of.

Are there any hidden costs, fees, or taxes

None at all! All pricing plans/options, setup fees, surcharges, taxes and International rates are laid out in complete detail on this website.

How much are any ‘per minute’ overage charge

With unlimited plans, you are charged the posted monthly unlimited rate, with all local and long distance calls to North America included.

How do you bill me

Your monthly billing statement is available online 24/7 for your records and review. Just log into your account and click on the ‘Billing Statements’ tab. With the efficiency of secure online billing and statement review this allows us to save you even more.

Can I keep my current phone number with your service

Most phone numbers can be moved to our phone service.

Do you become our Internet provider

Nothing will change with your current Internet provider.

Can I take my ATA box with me when I travel

Please do! Save yourself tons over those expensive Hotel and International rates. Save your mobile minutes and exorbitant roaming charges. No need to run up a long distance phone bill while visiting out of town friends and family. Just plug-and-play …

How do you dial Internationally

Same easy way you always have – There is no change to the way you placed local, long distance, and International calls.

What ports do I need to unblock in my firewall or forward in my router?
Most common broadband routers less than a year old support automatic configuration of ports for digital phone service devices through uPnP. Your router may need a firmware upgrade which can usually be downloaded from the manufacturer's website and applied through a simple web interface on the router. If you have an older router that does not support uPnP or you are having issues with NAT passthrough for your device, you may wish to assign a specific IP address to the digital phone service device and set your router to forward the appropriate ports directly to the digital phone service device. Additionally, if you are using a firewall device on your network, you may need to specifically program it to allow traffic to pass through to your device on the ports specified below.

Function Protocol Ports Description
Linksys PAP2, Sipura 2100/2102, Sipura 841
Config TCP 5050 HTTP-based periodic configuration download
SIP UDP 5060-5061 Device Registration (REGISTER) and call control such as incoming call notification (INVITE)
RTP UDP 16384-16482 Voice Packets. Blockage of these packets will cause one-way or no audio
Mediatrix 2102
Config TCP 5050 HTTP-based periodic configuration download
SIP UDP 5060-5061 Device Registration (REGISTER) and call control such as incoming call notification (INVITE)
RTP UDP 31001-32000 Voice Packets. Blockage of these packets will cause one-way or no audio
Polycom 301, 501, 601, etc.
Config TCP 23 FTP-based configuration download
SIP UDP 5060 Device Registration (REGISTER) and call control such as incoming call notification (INVITE)
RTP UDP 2222-2268 Voice Packets. Blockage of these packets will cause one-way or no audio
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